Network Engineer

Information Technology Training

These programs are designed to provide learning experiences that prepare graduates with a solid background of practical training directly related to the computer service, network engineering, network administration, and network security job markets.

Medical Training

Medical Training

Do you enjoy interacting with others? Would you want to apply administrative and computer skills in a field that could help people improve their lives? Consider a career in the Medical Industry. Learn how you can become an important team member in one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy & healthcare!

Military Education


What all soldiers have in common is the need to prepare for change and where their pathway will take them; a clear concise plan that will deliver a successful transition to the civilian ranks or lead to new opportunities within the armed forces.

CyberTex is the premier one stop veteran resource center outside your local command. Our guiding principal is to assist veterans in their training and identify viable employment. We have several training programs that lead to careers in the civilian industry. 

Graduate Testimonials
I really liked everyone in my class, they were funny and they made the course interesting and fun. The instructor was cool and he even had the study material for the class on our computers for us to study; now I am able to make good money without having my back strained. Mike

CyberTex has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to find a long-term career in a field I not only love but one I can excel in. Michael A. Thompson

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